December 12, 2006

This Is A Bowl of Cookies

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Here's a thought: instead of putting out stale candy that's probably leftover from last Christmas, how about putting out a bowl of cookies? Who wouldn't love that? And to spread even more love this season go to the Well Fed Network between now and Friday to nominate your favourite bloggers for the 2006 Food Blog Awards. There are a myriad of categories, so I'm sure you'll find a place for everyone you love.


foodiemama said...

we are baking cookies each day!!!!!!!! yummy!
cookies are the best.

WhItE_PoPlAr said...

Yummy Cookies!

Asha said...

Cookies are baking already! Yummy!!

Kristen said...

Those cookies look so soft and chewy. I would much rather find a bowl of those around then a bowl of stale candy.