October 29, 2006

Shameless Self Promotion

Blog Of The Day Awards Winner

I never expected this in a million year, (pause as I remove a computer typed list from the cleavage of my expensive designer dress). I'd like to thank the academy- everyone who created this night, Mom and Dad- you've always supported me, my cat Kishu- she sleeps a lot and I'd like to think that this is her way of encouraging me, snow- for giving me a reason to stay inside in the kitchen, God- he always seems to get thanked in these situations, my KitchenAid Wilbur- although he didn't help me make the sushi that won the award he was there cheering me on the whole way, but most importantly I'd like to thank the fans- without you I never could have made it this far. Thank you! Goodnight everyone, drive safe!

Seriously though- thanks to Artizen Flair of artizenkitschen for the nomination for my sushi post, it was very fun to receive an email saying I'd won something!

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artizen flair said...

Congratulations Bri!!

I made the nomination almost a week ago after your "Usher female on a plate" entry and was so surprised this morning when I woke to a message from the judges at "Blog of the Day awards" to say that your sushi entry had won an award for its brilliance!

You truely deserve the recognition and wish I could share a champers with you in celebration! You go darling! <3

P.S Loved the speech! ;)

peabody said...

Good for you...what a fun surprise.

Julie said...

Funny post -- and congratulations!

tya said...

wahhahahaha... i like it