January 20, 2007

I Don't Care What You Say, Cupcakes Are Healthy

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Do you ever have those days when nothing seems to be working out the way you want it to? Maybe blogger isn’t doing what you want it to and you’re not willing to accept the fact that you’re an idiot and can’t follow simple instructions… Not that I’d know anything about that. Well, for future reference, if you find this happening to you, I suggest you say to yourself: “F this! I’m going to make cupcakes.” Go on, try it. I’m not saying that the cupcakes will solve any of your (blogger) problems, but they’re tasty and at least you can eat your mistakes in the kitchen. Nibbling on your computer is not suggested. And since I was wasting time, ignoring problems I didn’t, (and still don’t) know how to fix, I decided that not only should I make one batch of cupcakes, but that I should make two. And why not, since Cupcake Bakeshop and Vanilla-Garlic are hosting a Cupcake Round Up, calling out to all you souls who long to make cupcakes. Break your computer, go make cupcakes and send them on over to Cheryl and Garrett by January 26th to be included in the fun.

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Back in high school there were two things the cafeteria made that were edible. One was taters, which they one made on Tater Tuesdays. Cafeteria taters were thick cut fries with some sort of spiced seasoning on them. Tuesdays were pretty much the only day I didn’t bring a lunch with me because I would order taters. The second thing the cafeteria did well was giant carrot muffintops with cream cheese icing. It was very much Seinfeld influenced in that they really only served the muffintop, it was great! And what made it even better was the thick layer of cream cheese icing they spread on top. Thank you high school cafeteria, for instilling in me a love of highly caloric foods. Fortunately for my health, I don’t often make taters, (of the deep fried variety) or carrot and cream cheese muffintops very often. In fact, I can’t even remember the last time I made carrot cake. This is maybe because I know other people who do it better. One of my Aunts makes an amazing carrot cake, though not nearly often enough for my liking. In any case, I decided that a carrot cupcake with cream cheese frosting was just what I needed. Somehow I decided I also needed banana cupcakes with chocolate cream cheese frosting. No story there, I just wanted them. I justified my decision by noting the health benefits of each. Carrot and banana are very good for you, ergo carrot and banana cupcakes are also very good for you. How’s that for logic? Right or wrong, I’m still the captain.

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Odds & Ends:

Sometimes I get people asking questions in the comments and I have good intentions of replying, but it doesn’t always happen. Also, I frequently ask questions in other people’s comments, but then I forget where I asked the question and usually don’t find my answer, even if one has been posted. So in case anyone else is as dense as I am, here are a couple responses to questions people have asked:

  • How did I make my coconut whipped cream? When I made coconut whipped cream for my Victory Cups I simply added coconut extract and sugar to whipping cream and I thought it turned out quite nicely. A word of caution though, add the coconut extract in very, very small quantities because it packs a whole lot of flavour and if you overdo it, you’ll be sorry.
  • When I made Tater Timbales I rambled on about how happy I was to finally have a mandoline. Someone asked what brand it was and the answer would be Cooks Quarters. I have no idea how this compares to other brands, but I noticed my pasta maker is also from Cooks Quarters, and I like it.

And finally, a discovery I made that I wanted to share with you, particularly the tall girls among you. In my random clicking I ended up on a blog called Mixed Bag and a post about a book called The Tall Girl’s Handbook by Gwen Davenport. It was originally published in 1959, it sounds hilarious and I must find a copy. Excerpts include such literary gold as:

  • Nothing looks handsomer to average people than a tall person standing up straight, as if he or she came from a race of gods.
  • Dress, as nearly as you can, like other people. You will hear short friends tell you that you ought, for instance, to wear nubby tweeds, bulky fabrics, capes, or enormous hats. Don't listen to them, for they are in error. If capes and pictures hats are currently in style, well and good. If not, why be out of style just because you're tall? You will look freakish and doubly conspicuous.
  • The trouble with women is men. And the trouble with tall women is small men.

I couldn’t have said it better myself. Amen sister.

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S. said...

Hi Brilynn, very cute blog :) This made me laugh out loud:“F this! I’m going to make cupcakes.”

Anonymous said...

I agree with you. I'm in a cupcake mood too!

FH said...
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FH said...

I love Carrot cup cakes with cream cheese!Mmm...!!!! So cute!!:))

Rachel said...

YUM!The carrot cupcakes look great! I loved the excuse to make cupcakes too!

K and S said...

these are so adorable!

Abby said...

I made carrot cake today, too! You beat me to the post, however.

I considered making a white cupcake with chocolate cream cheese frosting.

GREAT minds, I tell you. Great minds.

Lis said...

Holy F! Do those look excellent! I've got chocolate cupcakes in my freezer (offspring of the demon spawn cake of last week) and now I want to frost them with banana cream cheese frosting!! How would one do that?

Hey I know you're stressed with the Blogger being an asshat and all.. but uhhh.. did you forget about my dinner? :P


Anonymous said...

Oooh, I love the little marzipan banana and carrot! Great cupcakes - and thanks for the reminder about this event!

Btw, the blog's new look is fantastic! :)

Ilva said...

How pretty they are! It's healthy for your mind to just look at them and that's sooo important!

Anonymous said...

Cupcakes are healthy. Most baked goods are :)

Freya said...

Love the cupcakes! I think I need those printed into posters at my work desk!

MyKitchenInHalfCups said...

With your attitude, we could solve the world's problems in a day, maybe less.
I'm with Ilva, even looking at these makes me feel better.

Anonymous said...

Was there ever any questions about cupcakes being healthy? Of course they're healthy! Especially the ones you made.

Healthy. Healthy. Healthy.

(And gorgeous.)

heather lorin said...

Gah! Now I need cupcakes. Must run to the store for ingredients.

btw, you'd love the tall girls book - there's a lot more good stuff including how to deal with insulting personal remarks such as "My, but you're tall!" I'll try to get some more up this week.

BubblyBunny said...

I had a carrot cake for breakfast and I have been craving cupcakes. So I searched Cupcake Bakeshop for a recipe and found your blog! I enjoyed reading how cupcakes solves all (blogger) problems. Hahah...if only I had known that when I first started with blogger, I might still have a few pieces of hair left on my head!! Hahah...

I think I'm going to try your carrot cupcake recipe this wkd, but I think I'm going to buy the icing. :P