October 22, 2006

Who Ya Gonna Call?

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Sometimes I decide to do something and half way through I wonder what possessed me to do such a thing? That may have happened today when I agreed to go on a 20km hike on a “trail” that was muddy at best and consisted largely of continuous ups and downs over slippery rocks and logs. It sure is a good thing I packed some commando cookies… Is your hike dragging on too long? Commando Cookie! Is your boss on your case? Commando Cookie! Got a 4pm hunger craving? Commando Cookie! In-laws are coming, the house is a mess and your dog just died? Commando Cookie! Commando Cookie! Commando Cookie! The commando cookie is trained to operate quickly and aggressively in especially urgent, threatening situations. It has the ability to restore energy and renew your zest for life, (or at least your taste buds). November’s issue of Bon Appetit may call them Chockablock Cookies, but Commando is definitely what they are. How else would you describe a cookie that is packed with dried cherries, apricots, cranberries, raisins, dates, pecans, cashews, almonds, coconut, oats, dark chocolate, bittersweet chocolate and reeses pieces chipits? I suppose ‘amazing’ would be another way of describing them, but I’m a fan of commando.

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I think these cookies should actually be marketed to adventure junkies. What other cookie is willing to risk life and crumb, nay, enjoys risking it, to be by your side when you’re in a crisis? Just look at the little commandos, they’re deep in the wilderness, climbing over rocks and loving every minute of it! They’re ready to jump into any situation you’ve gotten yourself into, eager to save the day. They’re really the heroes of the cookie world. If adventure is your name, these cookies are your game. Commando Cookies!

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Anonymous said...

What a great photo!! Those cookies look so cute there. :)

Anonymous said...

Totally amazing photo - looks like the kind of photo you'd see in a cookbook! As for the cookies themselves, I think your name of commando cookie suits them pretty darn well - especially with the energy they'd pack with those ingredients!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE you cookie shots!


Anonymous said...

Those are some brave cookies out there in the rocky world.

I guess it is better to climb a rock for a cookie than to be one.

They look great and I love the photos.

Anonymous said...

MMM - i love that inside shot of the cookie; it looks so big and yummy. Your too funny... all of the ingreidents in the commando cookie sound very good to eat. I would need a bunch of those to get me through.

wheresmymind said...

Very interesting presentation

Anonymous said...

I like how you "personify" food... But, am I missing something? Where is the recipe? I will add it to my list of things to eventually try!

Brilynn said...

Jerry- don't even lie to me, you're not going to make these cookies, you haven't made any of the recipes!
But the real reason I didn't post it was that I was just too tired and it's too new to be posted on epicurious yet so I couldn't link it. Go buy November's Bon Appetit.