September 28, 2006

Deconstructed Omelet

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I’m bringing breakfast back! Mom however, would probably call this dinner when Dad and I are away. It’s been a long standing joke that if it were up to Mom to make dinner, we’d have omelets every night. This isn’t because my mother can’t cook, on the contrary, she’s a very good cook or at least she was when I was little and she didn’t work. As I’ve said before, when Mom went back to work she stopped making things like bread and jam except for when my brother would come home from university, then it was considered a special occasion and there would be bread for days. The omelet joke began a few years after Mom went back to work. I came home from school with a Mother’s Day gift that I had made for her in class. My teacher had us create collages that included symbols that represented our mothers to us. Mom sat down with me and was going through the collage, exclaiming over my pictures until she got to a drawing that stumped her. Being careful not to hurt my feelings by saying I had drawn a nice cat when it was really a duck on a pond or something, she asked me to tell her about how I decided to put this one picture into my collage. I proceeded to tell her that it was an omelet, because that’s what we eat when she makes dinner. Now whenever it’s up to Mom to make dinner, Dad and I usually make a production of exaggerated groans and comments like “omelet again?” or “maybe we should order a pizza…”. All of this is beside the point, my omelet is for breakfast and I’m bringing breakfast back! And I want to make them more interesting than plain cereal and milk. I’m not quite sure what inspired this, but since the waffles, I’m not satisfied with normal breakfasts. So over the next couple weeks watch out for some breakfast remixes.

Today’s feature is Deconstructed Omelet. I have to admit that most of the time when I try to make omelets they usually end up as scrambles. I’m impatient and I’m not gentle enough with the eggs which usually results in the whole thing being stirred together. The deconstructed omelet eliminated this problem. Eggs, bacon, red pepper, onion, cheese, chives and parsley; together or separate, they’re still an omelet to me.

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Anonymous said...

That's an entirely original concept! I love it!

wheresmymind said...

Very "Iron chef" of you!

Anonymous said...

Ha, ha. I love this.

Anonymous said...

easiest omlet ever. :)Omlets are my favourite breakfast and i like this new presentation!

Haalo said...

What a cool dish! Just love it.