March 15, 2012

Fresh Pasta in 1 Minute

Want to learn how to make fresh pasta in 1 minute while simultaneously watching me make a fool of myself? Of course you do! Click the video...

Fresh Pasta
2 cups flour
4 eggs
Glug of olive oil
Pinch of salt

Mix flour and salt together on the counter. Form a well. Break eggs into the well. Add olive oil. Stir together with a fork, gradually incorporating all the flour. When the dough has started coming together, knead with your hands until it's smooth. Cover and let rest 30 minutes. Roll through pasta maker a few times, (more if you didn't knead it enough) and then procede to roll it thinner and thinner until desired thickness is reached. You will need to continuously flour your machine so that the pasta doesn't stick. Cut into whatever shape you want!
Cook fresh pasta the same as dry, in a large pot of boiling salted water. Fresh pasta will cook much fast than dry and will be done in only a few minutes.


MrsNumbles said...

Love it, thanks!

Robert Richards said...

Thanks for sharing this pasta recipe. Now, I have to get to the store to get the ingredients so I can try it out myself. ;-)