February 08, 2012

There's Still Hope, Toronto

Despite the issue with food trucks that I wrote about a couple days ago, Toronto really is a great city for culinary activities.  There’s hope for Toronto because there are food loving people working to find creative ways to bring fresh, local food to the hungry public.

The Social Feed, is just one example of the recent trend of pop up dinners and supper clubs.  Held at a unique and locally focused restaurant each time, The Social Feed gives diners a chance to get out and meet new people on a week night. 

Meals are served family style, with everyone helping themselves to the platters of food that are brought out  Diners are encouraged to relax and share like they would in their own homes.  No need for glassware with your beer, the bottle will be just fine, thanks. 

Most recently, The Social Feed was held at Marben, (a personal favourite of mine) a downtown Toronto restaurant whose menu features housemade charcuterie and individual  cooks names attached to their signature dishes.

Upon arrival at Marben last Wednesday, diners were taken downstairs to a private room, set up with two long tables, each set with 20 places.  Servers offered up complimentary Cream Ales from Muskoka Brewery.   Many of The Social Feed dinners are partnered with a local brewery or winemaker.  Liquid courage is a good way to get conversation going.

As the room started to fill, the vibe was laid back and chatty.  It was hard to tell that most of these people had been strangers when the night began.  Some arrived alone, some came with friends, all were excited about the food and about meeting new people. 

One table entertained themselves by playing a guessing game, attempting to figure out the profession of each guest. 

“You look like you’re in sports marketing, am I close?”

“I’m a librarian.”

Some people were better at the game than others. 

Half way through the night, musical chairs  provided an opportunity to meet someone new.  Switches were made and conversations began again.  All the while, servers wove their way in out, picking up empty plates and putting down full platters.

As the night wound down, (it was a Wednesday after all) there was talk of when the next Social Feed would be.  It’s at Czehoski tonight, but the smaller, 20 seat communal table is already sold out. 

For other pop up dinners and food events, check out Charlie’s Burgers, The Secret Pickle Supper Club,  Fidel Gastro’s, or Foodies on Foot

Keep the faith, Toronto, there are good things brewing here!


emiglia said...

Sounds like an awesome experience! I wish we had things like that here.

tahoe treasure chest said...

Looks like an amazing time, Might have to find time to visit Toronto. Thanks so much for sharing the experience.

Matt said...

We need stuff like this in Ottawa. I worked a ghost dinner once (I assume its the same as a pop up pretty much) and it was so much fun. I'm sure they're a blast to actually eat at as well.