February 16, 2012

Fancy Valentine's Day Breakfast

A gorgeous setting, gourmet food and a panel of talented experts are worth getting up early for on Valentine’s Day. Where did I find all of these things in one place? At the “Steak Your Claim as a Foodie” breakfast held at the Fairmont Royal York in Toronto.

Toronto is one of many cities taking part in Social Media Week around the world between February 13th and 17th.   The week features lectures, panel discussions, events and tweet ups all focused on emerging trends in social and mobile media across major industries.

On Valentine’s Day I got up extra early for 7:30am breakfast in the opulent setting of the Ballroom at the Fairmont Royal York Hotel.  Chefs manned cooking stations at one end of the Ballroom and served a wonderful breakfast to hungry attendees. At one station, eggs were poached on demand to create lobster eggs benedict, at another a rich and spicy hot chocolate was served with Hawaiian malasadas for dipping. And who could resist the multi-tiered chocolate fountain?

While I noshed, we were treated to a panel discussion and question and answer session with three of Toronto’s big culinary influences; Suresh Doss, Andrea LeHeup and Jamie Drummond.  Doss is the publisher of Spotlight Toronto, LeHeup is the executive director of Ontario Culinary Tourism Alliance and Drummond is director of programs and senior editor of Good Food Revolution.

Together the trio discussed issues such as how they use Twitter, (each differently) why they don’t check in to FourSquare, (stalkers) and the best way to celebrate Valentine’s Day, (Drummond declared his to be rather inappropriate for early morning discussion).

The event wrapped up at 9am and I waddled out with a full belly and much food for thought.  I’m rather cynical about the whole Valentine’s Day thing, but that was a lovely way to start the day.

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