February 21, 2011

Banana Dulce de Leche Smoothie

Have you figured out what you’re making for Dulce de Leche Day yet?  February 28th is fast approaching so get those recipes ready!  No need to come up with something extravagant either, (though by all means, go ahead if you want to) you could just make something simple like this Banana Dulce de Leche Smoothie that I made today.  It consists of nothing more than a frozen banana blended with milk, yogurt and a big dollop of dulce de leche.  It’s the perfect post-yoga beverage.  As I mentioned a little while ago, I’ve started doing Bikram yoga because I got a deal on a 25 class pass.  When I first started, I hated it.  It made me feel absolutely terrible but people kept telling me it would get better and that I would start to love it.  Today marks my 14th class and I’ll tell you straight up, I still hate it.  Hot yoga is hell yoga.  The problem is, it’s extremely effective… So even though I’m in agony before, during and after every class and I wonder if I’ll make it til the end, I’m seeing improvements.  I’m also stubborn and determined to use up the entire 25 class pass so I force myself to keep going.  As a reward for dragging my body to yoga I make myself something awesome after each class, like Raspberry & Blueberry Crumb Bars or a Banana Dulce de Leche Smoothie, any suggestions for next time?
As always, a friendly reminder to get your Dulce de Leche posts ready for Monday, February 28th, you’ve got one week before the big day!  If you want to read more about it, click here.

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