November 03, 2006

Monty: Not Just A Pretty Face

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Just so there’s no doubt about it, Monty, my pasta machine is NOT neglected. He was of immeasurable help last night when I made veal ravioli. Veal is something that I rarely eat but for no particular reason. So when I had a piece of veal in the fridge that needed to be used I wasn’t sure what to do with it. While I was writing up my post for Weekend Cookbook Challenge #10 about neglected gadgets I thought about how it had been a while since I’d made pasta. It hadn’t been so long that Monty felt neglected, but long enough that I should make pasta sometime soon. Homemade pasta is so much better than dry, store bought stuff. Maybe it’s the act of making it yourself, kneading it like bread dough or maybe it’s just better. Yeah, that’s probably it. In any case, I decided I could use the veal and make homemade pasta at the same time by combining the two to make veal ravioli.

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I didn’t use a recipe for this, I winged it all on my own. The inside of the ravioli was a combination of sautéed veal, onion, garlic which was then combined in the food processor with white wine, bread crumbs, and parmesan cheese. There was probably some spices in there too, a little bit of nutmeg, some roasted garlic powder, pepper, salt. I made up a sage and mushroom cream sauce to go on top. For the sauce I started out by sautéing shallots, cremini mushrooms and garlic. Then I added white wine and chicken stock and let that reduce. After a while I removed the pan from the heat and added cream, ricotta cheese and chopped fresh sage, mixed it in, returned it to the heat for a couple minutes and then poured it over the ravioli. Final result? Mmm mmm good. Ravioli is a bit time consuming to make, but well worth the effort.

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Rachel said...

It looks good!!

peabody said...

LOL- I name my appliances hubby thinks I am crazy.

The Culinary Chase said...

Homemade pasta is the best! I made some two weeks ago & had my 14 year old daughter help out. She enjoyed putting the dough through the pasta machine & crank out smooth pasta sheets. Love the photo's!

paz said...

Homemade pasta? Awesome! Looks really good!


Ivonne said...

Promise that you will not neglect Monty any longer. You must use him often to create such beautiful dishes!

Mae said...

I don't name my gadgets but maybe i should! Monty is such a great name for a pasta machine :)

The pasta sounds and look delish. I've never made fresh pasta yet but i've been reading about it from different blogs that i might get my hands on it someday.

You all make it sound so easy :)

Delightful recipe, Brillyn!

Ellie said...

Oh my gawd, I need me a monty! This looks fabulous!

Veron said...

The pasta looks absolutely delicious! Yes, hubby and I have ventured into the world of homemade pasta. There is absolutely no substitute for it.