December 01, 2006

Pink Is Pretty, But Only In Your Food

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I love the way the beet juice colours things a nice rosy pink, like those clementine slices for example, or my fingers... Well, you can’t win ‘em all. I was going to say that this is a really fast salad to whip up, but that would be lying. Roasting beets takes forever. I guess I could say this salad is really easy to whip up and doesn’t require any measurements. That would imply that most of my cooking does require measurements. That’s another lie. I’m not doing too well tonight. I can truthfully say however, that the salad is tasty. I can also say that it’s an appropriate entry for the Fall Salads event being hosted by My Life As A Reluctant Housewife. I don’t think I’d be a reluctant housewife, I’d think I’d be a happy one… So long as there were no kids, a maid and a rich sugar daddy. Any takers? I can cook…

And if you want to cook like me, here’s how to make my roasted beet salad:
1- Roast some beets. Peel and slice them.
2- Pour some olive oil, balsamic vinegar and orange juice over the beets.
3- Crush some fennel seeds and throw those in too.
4- Add some clementine slices and toss.
5- Toast some chopped walnuts and add them on top.
6- Crumble some goat cheese on top of that. This can be performed interchangeably with step 5.
7- Eat.

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K and S said...

I heart beets...although I've never seen fresh ones here. :( This dish sounds really nice.

Lis said...

Yum! Hubbs would especially love this one!

Anonymous said...

Okay, I have to admit that I'm definetely not a beet lover, but this looks so good that I'd be willing to give it a try!

FH said...

Very clorful,soothing to the eyes and heart:)

Anonymous said...

It looks delicious and worth the trouble of roasting the beets!

Anh said...

Brylinn, I love reading your posts! You have a refreshing humorous tone that makes me laugh!

BTW, the salad looks very nice!

Anonymous said...

Hi Brilynn - I love beetroots (especially roasted :)) and this sounds heavenly! Thank you for sharing the recipe.