November 21, 2011


Being back in school is interesting.  For the first time I’m actually enjoying myself, which is both surprising and awesome.  As this is my third venture into post-secondary school, I’m definitely coming at it differently than when I did my undergrad.  Probably most importantly, I’m not worried about marks.  I just want to learn new things and take advantage of  the resources I have available to me while I’m in school.  It’s simple.  Some people don’t get that yet.

Some students feel the need to argue with instructors, to give people attitude and to make a general nuisance of themselves.  I think of these people as being sour and in need of some sweetness in their lives..  So I baked them cupcakes.  I don’t think it made them sweeter, but with cupcake in their mouths, at least they couldn’t talk.

I’ve made these vanilla bean cupcakes before, they’re my go-to recipe from Amy Sedaris, (tweaked to use a real vanilla bean) but as usual I played around with the frosting.  This time I made a mocha buttercream icing with sprinkles on top, because who doesn’t love sprinkles? 

Don’t forget to enter my contest here!  You could win a brand new 13-cup KitchenAid food processor.  You’ve got until this Friday, (November 25th) to enter.  Good luck!


Anonymous said...

great work!!, your food & sweet is sure delicious, thumb up ^^

Asmita said...

The cupcakes look yummy!

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