March 03, 2011

Post World Dulce de Leche Day Round Up

After World Nutella Day I was pretty excited for World Dulce de Leche Day, although I think I needed more backing power.  It was not quite the resounding success I had hoped for,  The round up consists of a small but awesome group of bloggers with an immense love of all things DdL.  I know there are more DdL lovers out there so I'll have to start my campaign earlier next year to get more people involved.  Nevertheless, enjoy the following treats, they look pretty amazing.  I certainly haven't tired of the sweet, caramelly goodness of dulce de leche yet so I will be in using it throughout the year.

First up we have The Happy Sorceress of Dispensing Happiness who has been my biggest supporter of World Dulce de Leche Day.  She certainly didn't disappoint with Dark Chocolate Turtle Cupcakes.  These beauties are actually stuffed and drizzled with DdL, that's my kind of cupcake!

Next up is Haalo of Cook Almost Anything at Least Once, who made these amazing Cajeta Meringue Tarts.  I love this idea! Who wouldn't want a mouthful of cajeta in cute little tart form? So good!

Cakelaw of Laws of the Kitchen decided to use DdL in the traditional South American cookie, Alfajores. For anyone who has not tried these before, you are seriously missing out!  I tried to make alfajores once before, but mine didn't look nearly as good as Cakelaw's.

What's better than one dose of Alfajores? TWO doses of Alfajores! And to make that happen, I urge you to visit A Sugar Coated Ink where you'll find more mouthwatering Alfajores.

And I made Dulce de Leche Apple Cake with Cream Cheese Dulce de Leche Icing.  I had originally planned to take these bars to an Oscar party, but somehow through a miscomunication, I ended up not going, so I took them to work instead.  The people at work loved them.  They said they were one of their favourite things that I've made for them so far, and I've made them quite a few things!

Thanks so much to the little group who participated in World Dulce de Leche Day!  We'll conquer more of the world next year!


Scented Candles said...

Why not start a campaign to discover everyone's favourite recipe using dulce de leche - I'll start it off - baked apples with a generous serving of whipped cream, mixed with dulce de leche - irresistible!

The Galley Gourmet said...

Yum. Thanks for the round up. Everything looks delicious and your apple cake--scrumptious!

Shirley said...

Great selection of recipes! My sister is visiting soon and requested a dulce de leche dessert, so I'll be referring to your recipe for making it.

Carla said...

This looks absolutely fantastic! Thanks for sharing!