January 08, 2011

Hey! I Make Sandwiches!

One of the benefits, (as far as food blogging goes) of moving into a new place is that the changes that occur during this process usually make for some interesting stories.  In my case, acquiring a new and previously unknown roommate means that everyday is something of an adventure.  As stated in my last post, Diesel, (the roommate) and I have very different eating habits.  I have yet to witness him cook a meal that takes more than 5 minutes and doesn’t require the use of a microwave.

The other night Diesel had a friend over.  The two of them were hanging out and having a couple beers when I came home.  As our kitchen, living room, dining room and Diesel’s den are all just one room, it meant that while I went about preparing my dinner and doing dishes, I was randomly drawn into their conversation.  After asking me about what I was making the friend proceeded to ask if Diesel had cooked me dinner yet.  I looked at him with a bit of a puzzled expression and replied that I didn’t think Diesel cooked.  Period.  It was at this point that Diesel’s head swung in our direction indignantly as he said “Hey! I make sandwiches!”

Ah yes, sandwiches.  The height of culinary achievements.  Now don’t get me wrong, some sandwiches are pretty awesome, like this bacon and avocado grilled cheese on homemade bread.  Diesel’s sandwiches, however, are more of the 4th grader lunch box variety: pre-sliced bread, deli meat and processed cheese.  He’s got some work to do before he’s allowed to make me a sandwich.  If it ever comes to that though and he decides on a grilled cheese, I hope he makes them the way I do.  I like to start my grilled cheese on the stove top, fried in butter so that the toast has nice colour but then I finish it in the oven so that the cheese is melty all the way through.  MMMmmm melty cheese….


K and S said...

that looks sooo good!

Lisa@ButteryBooks said...

That is a good looking sandwich! I love anything that has avocado on it.

The Food Hunter said...

I wish I had one of those right now.

Tamara said...

A great addition to my collection. Thanks for sharing. I can't wait to try this especially for my family.