October 28, 2007

The Brazilian Thunder Draws Them In

Some people might think my three horsepower K-Tec blender is excessive. I consider it a necessity. How else could I throw completely frozen fruit into my blender and have a velvety smooth drink ready in seconds? I couldn’t do it. But thanks to my K-Tec, anything is possible. Some people say spending that much money on a blender is ridiculous. I say you can’t put a price on love, (ebay makes everything cheaper too) and despite the high price tag on this beauty, it saves me money daily. I save money every time I resist going to Booster Juice and make my own smoothie instead. Unfortunately not everyone has a K-Tec blender, (you poor souls) and I should try to be more conscious of that. Occasionally though, I forget and introduce someone to Booster Juice and they subsequently become addicted. Now this is ok if there are no Booster Juices located close to them because then their money remains in their wallet and they can come to me for their Booster Juice fix, (or as I will henceforth call it, their Bri Juice fix). A problem arises, however, when they start a new job right beside a Booster Juice and not close to me. If in order to get to work they must walk past Booster Juice, they’re doomed. Its siren call is too much to resist and they will cave every time. I then feel badly about this, because it never would have happened if I hadn’t introduced them to the Brazilian Thunder smoothie, made with the superfruit açai berry. One day I will make things right again by setting up shop across the street and blending my own açai berry smoothie called Bri’s Açai. When that day comes I will break their addiction to Booster Juice and all will be well again.

Strawberry Orange Banana Smoothie, (give or take, I don't actually measure)

2 frozen bananas

Juice of 1 orange

A handful of frozen strawberries

A cup of plain yogurt

Drizzle of honey

Blend. Serve. Savour.

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Patricia said...

You won't believe me, Bri, but I have never tried açaí!

Quellia said...

I've never tried acai either (what the heck are the macro keys for accents?!?!) and I live very close to a Booster Juice! Unless I've just been to a dentist appointment though, I can generally resist them. If I have, it is dinner that night!

K & S said...

I've heard of this fruit but have never tried it. You're so lucky to have this machine to make smoothies :)

Nabeela said...

My trusty food processor makes a pretty good job of blending frozen fruits...but my whole family is bent on making me buy a VitaMix....we'll see :D

Cris said...

I have tried "açaí bowls", they can be found every corner here in Brazil!

Nan said...

I am so waiting for the day when I can finally ditch my old shitty college blender and get one that actually blends ice instead of leaving those cold lumps! Your smoothie looks so good! I love making one after work as a snack...

Anonymous said...

can you post your recipe for the acai smoothie? is it like Booster Juice's High Impact Acai smoothie?