August 20, 2007

Wishing I Could Do More than a Virtual Tag

I’ve been creatively tagged by Minh of Couture Cupcakes. The rules seem to be something along the lines of using the world’s natural wonders to tag 8 fellow bloggers. I think that’s pretty open to interpretation so I’ve decided to do a collage of one of my favourite places, accompanied by the dishes of 8 fellow bloggers who make some equally wonderful things. Ideally I would have had pictures of natural wonders from each of the countries represented by the bloggers here, instead, I'm reminiscing about my last big travel adventure and looking for the next one. If I ever manage to snag myself a life sponsor who can support my desire to travel, there will be pics from each of these countries and then some...

Minh of Couture Cupcakes

Lyra of Rice and Beans

Valli of What Geeks Eat

Deborah of Taste and Tell

Patricia of Technicolor Kitchen

Anne of Simply Anne’s

Mercedes of Desert Candy

Kelly-Jane of Cooking the Books


Patricia Scarpin said...

I'm honored, Bri - thank you!

Anne said...

coming from you...I'm flatterd. Thank you so much :)

Vanessa said...

Bri, thanks for the tag...oh how I love to make mosaics.

Lyra said...

Yay! Im very flattered to be mentioned in this collage and if your sponsor pulls through you are always welcome to visit my family's organic cacao farm. Just remember, there is no actual chocolate there...just cacao beans.

Kelly-Jane said...

Thank you :) I've not seen this kind of tag before - but I like it!