January 17, 2007

Sc-OH-ne Or Sc-AWW-ne?

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It’s that time again, recipe testing time! Cooks Illustrated sent me a recipe for Blueberry Scones to try out and I was more than happy to oblige, who doesn’t like buttery scones? My only issue with this recipe was that it was a little wordy in some parts, so I’ve fixed that in the version I’m giving you. Despite the recipe extras, the actual process was very easy, but when I got to the point of shaping the dough and placing the scones on the baking tray I had to read and reread the recipe to make sure I was doing things correctly. Was there really only supposed to be 8 scones? They were enormous! It’s as though Cooks Illustrated has read about my trials of Big vs. Cute and have declared Big the winner. Believe me when I say that this is the scone that eats like a meal. Not that I’m complaining, bigger is better. I’m bigger, I’m better and so is my baking…

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Before I get started on another Cute vs. Big rant, I’d better get on with this meme that I was tagged for by Marce of Pip in the City. This particular meme is called 6 Weird Food Things about Myself. I don’t think anything I do is weird. As far as I’m concerned, I’m the normal one and you’re weird, but you can decide for yourself:

1- I hate being cold but I like eating frozen things. And I’m not just talking ice cream and popsicles. I freeze everything- yogurt cups, cheesecake, fruit, (cherries, grapes, blueberries, bananas, strawberries…) smoothies, chocolate milk, pancakes. Mmmm frozen pancakes…
2- When I was younger I didn’t like sauce on my pasta, only cheese. I didn’t like mushrooms other than morels and puffballs, (because I picked those). I didn’t like olives or asparagus, period. I didn’t like eating breakfast or breakfast foods. I didn’t like sandwiches. I didn’t like pie. I now eat everything so there’s hope for the younger generations.
3- I’m ridiculously indecisive at a restaurant and will invariably regret my own decision and wish I had ordered something else, even if I liked what I got.
4- Sometimes I’ll get one type of food or food item on my brain and become obsessed with having it. There was a period of time when I was hooked on muffins. I would buy one from a different place everyday, (thus driving my traveling companion nutty as I insisted we seek out muffins everywhere). The best one I had was from a place that had a basket labeled “injured muffins.” I think I loved it for that sign alone. There was nothing wrong with the muffin, it was just irregularly shaped and not as pretty as the other ones. I don’t even remember what flavour it was.
5- I learned from TV on a citycat in Brisbane that lemons contain more sugar than strawberries. I consider that valuable trivia information.
6- I think it’s fun to eat unidentifiable food such as that found in airline meals and then try to guess what it was.

As usual, if you feel the need to share your food quirks with others, feel free to tag yourself for this meme. If not, continue to be safe behind your computer screen, your choice.

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wheresmymind said...

That lemon tidbit is pretty damn interesting! I wouldn't believe that statistic if I didn't hear it from you :D

Elle said...

Frozen peaches...yumm, especially if they were fresh and ripe when they were frozen. Not weird at all.

K & S said...

love these scones and love the new look of your blog!

joey said...

Love scones! :) But there are so many sub-par ones in shops out there...better to make your own or count on your home-baking friends! :) (I like frozen langka...don't know what that is in english...jackfruit?)

The TriniGourmet said...

oooo new layout :D those scones look soo good! :) snagging the recipe :D

Kristen said...

Something's different... I like it!

Those scones look great. I'd take one for breakfast this morning, please.

Lis said...

Me! I'm the one who doesn't like scones!! I am not afraid!

No, really - every scone I've ever tried (one) was as dry as the mojave. Ptthh. I've never went back.

Your weirdness isn't very weird. Although I enjoyed reading your 6 "weird" things. =)

Oh and it's Sc-OH-ne in my book ;)

Lis said...

Hmm... I hope that didn't come off as my disliking your Sc-OH-ne efforts. If I ever were to try a Sc-OH-ne again - I'd want it to be yours.

Okay.. am done sucking up now. :D

veron said...

I've never had scones because they always look unedible in the shops. But yours look so yummy. Hubby just bought a ton of blueberries. Guess I know what I'm doing next :)

Marce said...

lovely scones, definitely worth trying, but frozen pancakes? no way I´m ditto-ing that! hahaha

ejm said...

Your scones look good, Brilynn, even though they don't have nutmeg in them. The scones that we had growing up ALWAYS had currants and a bit of nutmeg in them.

Love the lemon fact!


P.S. I've always said 'scAWWn' - to rhyme with "gone" rather than "stone"

rachel said...

ooh, scones! I never make those. I was just at a fancy store called The Rolling Pin and I saw a scone pan. I thought about getting one but then told myself I'll get on when I'm actually going to make some!

By the way, love your blog. I've added a link to it from my blog Rachel's Bite.

Christine said...

Just made this and couldn't help raving about them on my blog. Loved them! Thanks for the recipe!

Kristen said...

Lovely scones!