August 11, 2006

Sour Cream Never Tasted So Sweet

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Today’s cooking inspiration came from a tub of sour cream in the fridge that was rapidly approaching its expiration date. I decided that with this tub of sour cream I could redeem myself from my previous attempt at chocolate ice cream. I would do things differently this time, mainly not using inferior quality chocolate. I found a recipe for plain sour cream ice cream, which didn’t sound all that appealing, but then I added a large quantity of homemade chocolate syrup to the mix. Big improvement. I blended all of this together, and I’m not gonna lie, I poured myself a small glass of it. MMmmmmmm chocolatey, with just a little bit of tang. Then I stuck the blender in the fridge overnight so that everything could chill before I poured it into the ice cream machine. It took a whole lot of self restraint for me not to drink some of it every time I opened the fridge. Once into the ice cream machine, shock of shockers, I actually remembered to churn it… ok, so I set the oven timer to remind me periodically, but I did it nonetheless. And I have to pat myself on the back for the outcome, the ice cream is sinfully rich and creamier than any of my other ventures into the frozen world of sweet treats.

Delicious as it was, the ice cream didn’t use up the entire tub of sour cream so I needed another recipe. I had recently visited a fellow Foodie’s blog, called Humble Pie. She had made sour cream chocolate chip cookies and the picture looked awfully good. She included the recipe so I was game to try them. After achieving such good results with the ice cream, I shouldn’t have been surprised when the cookies were not as successful. At some point I have to accept the fact that cookies, pastries, etc., require precise measurements and precise measurements rarely factor into my cooking. Baking is different from creating a main course, I can’t just throw in whatever I want, in whatever ratio I want. I am aware of this, but for some reason whenever I start baking I decide that I’m an authority on all subject matters and could improve upon the current recipe if I only added more of one ingredient, less of another, and what the heck, let’s get rid of this ingredient altogether and add 3 other ones. Even when I use measuring cups I tend to do so haphazardly. Today my slack measuring meant that I added quite a bit more sour cream than was required, however this wasn’t entirely a measurment issue but more of a convenience issue. I needed to use up the last of the sour cream so that I didn’t have to make a third sour cream creation. In any case, this resulted in a batter that was more moist than usual. I noticed this, but didn’t fix it by adding some more flour, I don’t know why. I think I actually measured the flour quite accurately for the original recipe. Even though that didn’t help my cookies, I am somewhat comforted by that because at least I was doing something right. I did not however, follow the recipe when it came to the amount of baking soda I added. Inexplicably, I did not add extra flour, but I did add way too much baking soda. Instead of cookies I ended up with light, puffy things that are on the verge of being a muffin top. They aren’t bad at all, they’re just not cookies in the traditional sense of the word. It happens.

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As I stood looking at my funny little cookies, a stroke of genius hit me. The cookie-muffins may not have been outstanding on their own, but everything’s better with ice cream. I got the chocolate sour cream ice cream out of the freezer, scooped some onto a cookie and squished a second cookie on top. Voila! Ice cream sandwich... sort of, I think they kind of look like a burger, an ice cream burger, (hence my “burger and beer” picture).

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Call it a burger or call it a sandwich, these will definitely be appreciated by my younger cousin who’s coming to visit tomorrow. Who am I kidding? They’ll be appreciated by me, right now.


Anonymous said...

Neat ideas there Bri!
I had never heard of such a thing,
might try it sometime...
Keep up the good work!

wheresmymind said...

That's a great idea for using up sour cream..I always have leftovers that I swear we will use but end up getting pitched